Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with Seri surgical scaffolding

Case ID: 22272


Oblique Left:


Patient Information: 46 year old female who has severely lax breast tissues. She underwent mastopexy using a technique involving rebuilding and
reformation of the glandular tissue inside the breast, followed by a modification of the outer skin "brassiere". This technique is usually
reserved for patients who have undergone substantial weight loss. Even though she does not have a history of massive weight loss, her breasts have
similar tissue quality to those individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight. This particular technique requires the use of a scar
around the areola and a vertical scar from areola to lower breast crease AND a scar in the lower breast crease because of the severe excess of
skin. Seri surgical scaffolding was placed inside the breast to act as an "internal bra". The Seri mesh will be absorbed in 2 - 3 years and be
replaced by a new layer of natural tissue about 3 mm thick which should continue to support the breast.

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