VASER 4D Lipo / VASER Hi-Def

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This technique is credited to it’s inventor, Alfredo Hoyos, MD, a plastic surgeon practicing in Bogota, Colombia.

Whereas traditional liposuction is all about improving body contour by removing excess deposits of fat, VASER Hi Def is a technique that uses the VASER ultrasound fat removal technology to sculpt the body. Excess fat may be removed from one area of excess, and grafted (transferred) into another area where there is a deficiency of volume. Yet other areas, not noticeably excessive in fat are further sculpted to enhance the natural contours and form.

The Difference Between VASER 4D Lipo and VASER Hi-Def

Not completely satisfied with VASER Hi-Def, Hoyos created VASER 4D Lipo which takes Hi-Def to the next level: attention is paid to the placement and natural motion of the underlying musculature, as well as to account for future weight loss so as to enhance the quality of the result. The end result is a more sculpted you*. This technique is applicable to both men and women.

I was personally trained in the technique by Dr. Hoyos at his surgical facility in Bogota, Colombia. Offering these techniques to my patients represents my unending dedication to bring the latest technology and quality of care to my practice.

The above photos depict Dr. Hoyos and myself in surgery in Bogota, Colombia at the 4D Lipo course and receiving my certificate of completion of the course.

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