Palomar Vectus™ System

The Vectus™ Laser System by Palomar features the latest technology for permanent hair removal. Optimized to provide effective treatment for a wide variety of both hair and skin types, the Vectus Laser removes unwanted hair quickly and efficiently. The procedure only takes a few minutes for small areas and approximately 30 minutes for larger areas, with no downtime needed afterward.

Treatments with the Vectus Laser System are comfortable and safe for patients. The device has an advanced cooling mechanism that protects the skin and prevents the treatment site from feeling heated. The laser features a uniform beam, which is designed to successfully destroy the hair follicles without requiring multiple passes of the device over the same area.

Laser hair removal is a great option for the many men and women who are tired of the temporary, painful methods of removing hair from the face, back, legs, arms or other areas of the body. The Vectus Laser System will remove the unwanted hair while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Several treatment sessions may be required to obtain the best possible results.

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