Canfield VISIA® Complexion Analysis

The Visia ™ imaging system by Canfield uses multi-spectral imaging to create a complete visual analysis of the skin. Complexion analysis with Visia software displays the patient's face on a computer screen in normal and ultraviolet light modes, showing surface and subsurface skin imperfections that might not be visible to the naked eye.

The Visia imaging system provides vivid and multi-dimensional images of the skin that capture detailed images of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Pores
  • Color variation
  • Porphyrins

Visia’s Advanced Technology

The Visia software analyzes each area of the face, focusing especially on those that may indicate a need for treatment. It features an on-screen zoom tool to spotlight specific problems. The Visia system can also create a comparison analysis of the individual's skin compared to other individuals of similar age, ethnicity and skin type.

This technology allows patients and their physicians to see even the smallest amounts of skin damage and determine the need for facial rejuvenation procedures. After a Visia complexion analysis, a tailored skin care regimen and renewal plan can be created for the individual's specific needs.

Any region of the face can be magnified for closer inspection, and views can be obtained from the front as well as left and right sides. Visia also provides the option to simulate the aging process by five to seven years to appear either older or younger. Patients can see what the spots and wrinkles on the skin might look like in the future without treatment or the types of improvements that may be possible to make to the skin.

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Advantages of the Visia System

The Visia system has features that help doctors analyze the patient’s skin using the most advanced methods. The information that is collected can then be put to use in devising a comprehensive treatment plan to address each issue that has been discovered.

Three-Dimensional Images

The Visia system provides a magnified 3-D image of a patient’s skin. The doctor can rotate this image in various directions to obtain a thorough assessment of each area of the face. In addition, it may be depicted in the color of the skin, shades of gray or color relief to optimize the view of a particular problem.

RBX Technology

Proprietary to Canfield devices, RBX Technology displays a separation of the red and brown colorations that exist beneath the surface an individual’s skin. This allows for an unparalleled visualization of any condition that may cause redness or brown spots, including acne, rosacea, spider veins and hyperpigmentation.

UV Photography

Visia imaging offers a detailed account of sun damaged areas of the skin using the latest advances in UV photography. The system also employs UV fluorescence imaging to alert the doctor to the presence of porphyrins, which are waster matter produced by bacteria on the skin that remain in the pores and may contribute to acne.

Generating Comparisons

The Visia system can help patients see where the difference lies between their skin and that of a huge database of their peers. Side-by-side results can be generated, displaying a split screen focused on specific areas of the face with corresponding data on the images. It also promotes understanding of exactly what needs to be addressed through the use of clear, concise graphs that help establish a true skin age for each particular patient. Reports can be printed afterward that include customized information regarding a summary of the analysis, photographic indicators and an outline of treatment recommendations.

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