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What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is a different sort of filler. Unlike Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse, what you are injecting is essentially the filler itself, Sculptra is best thought of as a catalyst. In other words, what you are injecting is not the actual “plumping” material. Rather, Sculptra acts by stimulating the facial tissues to gradually create and lay down extra collagen, which is the bodies natural filler. Sculptra was originally developed and got its initial FDA clearance for treating facial atrophy caused by the antiviral agents that those stricken with HIV suffer. These patients sustain significant degrees of facial atrophy and Sculptra has done a remarkable job at correcting this.

What are the Benefits of using Sculptra®?

Sculptra also lasts longer than the other temporary fillers discussed above. The clinical studies demonstrate lasting effects exceeding 24 months, more than double some of the other fillers. Furthermore, Sculptra is used to treat the signs of facial atrophy is a more global sense. Unlike the other fillers that are used to treat, maybe a deepened nasolabial fold (smile lines), Sculptra is injected in higher volumes initially, so that the smile lines, marionette lines, cheeks, and temples may often be corrected together. This gives a more natural and uniform appearance to the facial rejuvenation.

Generally, two vials of Sculptra are injected on the first treatment, then one vial one month later, and again one vial month after that. We then wait about two or three months to see how the results are. If additional filler is desired, it can always be added later.

Many patients also note that their skin texture is improved with Sculptra injections. We don’t have a great explanation for this, but it is a nice benefit.

From a cost-benefit perspective, because of the multiple areas treated, as well as the longer duration of response time, Sculptra clearly is the most cost-effective filler agent that I have at my disposal.

When will I see results?*

The improvement occurs gradually over about five months, not right away, permitting you to make a slow and steady change, not an overnight metamorphosis.

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