Samantha Schrof, L.P.N.

“Sam” has been with me since 2010. She came to me from an orthopedic practice, however, Sam took to plastic surgery readily and loves it. She is a tireless, no-nonsense worker, helping me out on long consultation days with boundless energy. She is also a whiz at the computer, and has evolved to be the “instructor” for the new electronic medical record software for our new staff. Sam recently completed her training and certification for LPN and we are all very proud of her.  Sam can function in just about any role that you put her in, which is why I am gently putting the bug in her ear to go for her R.N. Sam has become the go to person for our non-surgical procedures and is the mastermind behind Coolsculpting, Thermi and lasers. She is enjoying her new role with us and is an integral part of the surgery team as well in charge of instrumentation and materials management.

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