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Understanding Plastic Surgery & Anesthesia

Anesthesia can be a source of anxiety for many potential plastic surgery patients. I understand. This is why I only work with highly qualified anesthesiologists. I also spend considerable time during your initial consultation going over all of your anesthesia options. But anesthesia is a necessary component of any aesthetic procedure. Even if you…

What Do Garlic, Kava, St. John’s Wort, and Vitamin E Have In Common?

Do you take vitamins and herbal supplements on a regular basis? Although there are both anecdotal and scientific reasons to do so, many herbal supplements can interfere with surgical recovery, from increased bleeding to unwanted anesthesia interactions. By telling your surgeon what you take, he or she can tell you what to avoid prior…

6 Ways To Pay For Plastic Surgery

Whether it’s major reconstruction or cosmetic procedure to improve appearance, the cost of plastic surgery can prevent people from seeking treatment. No standard list of prices exists for the hundreds of surgeries available, which adds to patients’ concerns. Fortunately, many financing options exist to allow practically anyone to achieve the appearance they desire. You…

24-Hour-Recovery from Breast Augmentation – How to Know You are Getting the Real Thing

In 2002, my good friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. John Tebbetts, described an entirely new approach to breast augmentation. His procedure, which he termed “24-hour-recovery breast augmentation”, is radically different than current breast augmentation techniques. What he created is a system for breast augmentation that is: • Based upon the measurement of breast tissue…

New Beauty Magazine Features Dr. Mark Epstein!

New Beauty magazine is famous for finding the latest and greatest in everything from skin care to diet and exercise to plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Currently it is featuring the innovations of Dr. Mark Epstein, Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, plastic surgeon.  For over ten years, Dr. Epstein has been performing One-Day Recovery Breast…

How to select a plastic surgeon

So you’ve decided to take the first step towards surgical enhancement or rejuvenation. You want to arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon. How do you begin? How do you make sense of the frequent advertisements and recommendations of others? I would like to give you some guidelines as to how to proceed. Board…

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Disaster

While doing some grocery shopping tonight (yes, plastic surgeons do grocery shopping – my spouse is a dermatologist so we split the household chores) I saw this month’s Life & Style cover story “Heidi’s New Surgery Disaster.” Being a cosmetic plastic surgeon this naturally piqued my curiosity so I bought the magazine and read…

Concerned about anesthesia?

I occasionally meet with a patient who has concerns about anesthesia. Sometimes they are concerned about giving up control and being completely asleep without knowing what’s happening. Some of them have heard or read stories about people having bad experiences with anesthesia. I’d like to share with you my outlook on how to choose…

Three dimensional imaging for breast augmentation – A useful tool or just another marketing ploy? Part II

Part II – How three dimensional imaging is used in my breast augmentation practice When I see a patient in consultation for breast augmentation, I inquire as to what the patient is looking to achieve. I examine the patient and make recommendations as to what implant I think is best for them. The exact…

Three dimensional imaging for breast augmentation – A useful tool or just another marketing ploy? Part I

Part I – What three dimensional imaging systems are I have always enjoyed technology. Since I was a teenager in the early 1970’s, I loved electronics (computing wasn’t even a hobby back then). For my pre-med major in college, I studied Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Northwestern. It was there that I obtained a…

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