Breast Augmentation with Fat

In my professional career, up until the last decade, fat has been the enemy. I have performed countless body contouring procedures, removing fat from areas where patients had too much such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. And when the procedure was over, I just threw the fat away. What a waste! Fat is basically liquid gold, able to safely and permanently restore areas of volume loss almost anywhere on the face, breast and body. With the advent of the fat grafting procedure, my colleagues and myself can now literally sculpt a patient’s body by both adding and subtracting fat where needed. Today, I regularly use fat grafting in my breast surgery procedures whether it be a breast augmentation with fat, as an addendum to a breast implant or to add some extra volume to the breast after the removal of a patient’s breast implants.

Breast Augmentation with Fat

Some patients simply do not like the idea of placing a breast implant into their body. I understand. It is a foreign device, and though rare, some patients do have an adverse reaction. This is why I am so happy to be able to offer by Long Island patients the option of a breast augmentation with fat. The key to a happy result really comes down to patent selection. A breast augmentation with fat can only increase breast volume by about a cup size at most. And if you have any kind of moderate to severe sag in your breasts, you will be better served with a breast lift with an implant or fat grafting.

Breast Augmentation with Fat versus Breast Implant

As with any procedure, there are pros and cons to a breast augmentation with fat alone. The two biggest advantages are:

  • Fat is your own natural tissue
  • No risk of an implant being seen or felt

However, fat is unpredictable. Whenever I inject fat into any area, only a portion of those fat cells will survive. This is why it typically takes more than one procedure to get your ideal results. Also, a breast augmentation with fat is a longer surgery as it involves two surgical sites, the harvest site where the fat cells are removed via liposuction, and the injection sites on the breast. A breast augmentation with breast implants, on the other hand, only requires one surgical site, and the size of the implant itself does not change over time. However, as discussed, it is a foreign device.  Also, depending on your age, the implants will probably need to be replaced at some point.

Fat Grafting to the Breast to Improve Shape

While I do perform a breast augmentation with fat, I typically use fat grafting in my breast surgery procedures as a way to improve shape. For some patients, particularly very thin women, fat grafting allows me to smooth out their breast contour so that the implant is less palpable. It’s also an excellent method for improving upper pole fullness, which is something that many of my breast surgery patients desire.

For patients who want to remove or explant their breast implants and do not want to replace them with smaller implants, I will often use fat grafting to replace some of the volume that’s been lost. It is particularly transformative in my explant patients who need a breast lift.  In short, fat grafting is an incredibly versatile tool to help me sculpt your breasts into the exact right size and shape for your unique anatomy, lifestyle and goals.

To find out more about a breast augmentation with fat or any surgical or non-surgical procedure with Dr. Mark Epstein in Hauppauge, Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation.

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