Abdominoplasty The Different Types

Before discussing contouring of the sides of the trunk, the flanks and even the back, at this time it is necessary to discuss the different types of abdominoplasty…yes, there are several different types of abdominoplasty; it is not a “one size fits all” cookie cutter procedure. There are basically four main types of abdominoplasty in terms of the way the anatomical areas are addressed and recontoured. Each type of abdominoplasty can be performed using different technical variations as per the surgeons preference.

The five types of abdominoplasty are:

All five types of abdominoplasty have one thing in common: the incision is planned so that the scar lies in the waist crease. Note that I didn’t state that the incision is made in the waist crease. I often make the incision lower than the waist crease because I know that the scar will be pulled upward by the force of the upper abdominal skin at the time of closure and I do not want the scar to lie above the waist crease or the scar will risk lying above the clothing line. I usually have the patient wear a bathing suit bottom or underwear bottoms at the time I mark the incisions so I know just how the clothing sits on the body and I can plan my surgical incisions so as to make sure the scar does not lie above the clothing line.

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