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Become the person you’ve always wanted to be with gender affirmation surgery led by Mark D. Epstein, MD, FACS. Whether you’re interested in a gender-affirming mastectomy, chest masculinization, or top surgery, the procedures Dr. Mark D. Epstein will provide can have a positive impact on your life.

Proudly serving patients in Hauppauge and Long Island, NY, Dr. Epstein is dual board-certified, with over 20 years of experience providing surgical and aesthetic wellness procedures. His high-end surgical suite for gender affirmation surgery and other procedures features state-of-the-art equipment. Post-op visits are also scheduled here to ensure you’re healing from your procedure and are happy with your progress.

What Is Top Surgery?

Top surgery, also called chest masculinization procedure, specifically targets the chest region. It is a gender-affirming surgery for both transgender women (female to male) and transgender males (female to male) looking to enhance their chest area so that it aligns with their gender identity.

For transgender women, top-only surgery involves a gender-affirming mastectomy. During the procedure, the chest is masculized, leaving it flat, but not scooped out.

Why Is Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Performed?

Gender-affirming, top surgery is performed to help transgender and non-binary individuals feel more comfortable as their true selves. This allows their physical body to reflect their internal self-image.

What Is Top Surgery Male to Female?

Top surgery for MTF is also known as chest feminization. During this procedure, Dr. Epstein places breast implants to enhance the patient’s chest, so it has a more feminine appearance. The size, shape, and type of breast implants depend on your body shape and aesthetic goals.

What Is Top Surgery Female to Male?

Top surgery for FTM is called chest masculinization. During this procedure, Dr. Epstein removes the breast tissue and contours the chest so it has a more masculine appearance. It does not scoop out the chest, so it does not have a hollow appearance.

Do You Have To Have Gender Dysphoria To Get Top Surgery?

While the requirements for top surgery do vary from state to state, most places require gender dysphoria to be documented by a psychologist. All patients need to want top surgery for themselves because they want to have it.

Am I a Good Candidate For Top-Surgery?

If you are a transgender or non-binary individual interested in top-only surgery, you may be an ideal candidate for top surgery. Dr. Epstein will meet with you in private consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals. He will determine if you meet the criteria for top-only surgery and customize a surgical plan based on your aesthetic goals and overall health.

What Is the Recovery Process for Top Surgery?

Every patient recovers differently, however, the recovery period for most top-only surgeries is several weeks. During this time, you will wear a compression garment around your chest. Physical activity will also be limited until you are cleared by Dr. Epstein. Immediately after the surgery and during your recovery period, you may experience tenderness in your chest, swelling, and possible changes in nipple sensation. Dr. Epstein will advise you on postop care and follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to assess healing.

Are Regrets Common After Receiving Gender-Affirming Surgery?

With about one percent of gender-affirming surgery recipients having regrets about their decision, you can rest assured that the rate remains low. The study results only apply to gender-affirming mastectomies. Most people who receive transgender surgery are pleased with their decision long-term.

What Are the Requirements for Transgender Surgery?

Before you can receive top surgery or another gender-affirming procedure, you must first meet requirements like passing a mental health evaluation.

You might need to have undergone hormone therapy for a specific period and have a medical record that dates back at least a year proving gender incongruence.

What Are the Complications of Gender-Affirming Surgery?

Like any medical procedure, complications may arise after gender affirmation surgery. You might notice redness and irritation around incisions, skin infections, and bleeding.

Dr. Epstein’s Approach

Dr. Epstein understands how important it is to provide empathic, personalized care to every patient in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Above all else, Dr. Epstein and the rest of his staff stand behind the belief that top-only surgery takes a collaborative approach to help all of our patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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At the office of Dr. Mark D. Epstein, we proudly offer top gender-affirming surgery for both transgender and non-binary patients. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact our Happuppauge office at (631) 597-8627 or fill out an online contact form.

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