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We are pleased to offer the MyEllevate™ system in Hauppauge office. This non-surgical treatment can help rejuvenate the lower jaw and neck. The minimally-invasive procedure helps restore youthful angles to the jawline and smoothness to the chin and neck areas while avoiding extensive surgery.

What is MyEllevate™ for Facial Rejuvenation?

MyEllevate™ is a neck and jawline contouring treatment that sculpts and refines tissue using an innovative suture suspension technique. This procedure has been carefully developed to include ICLED® technology, a patented light-guided protocol that facilitates optimal patient outcomes. The technique follows the patient’s anatomical pattern to lift and tighten not only the skin but the muscle, fat, and glands that serve as its foundation. Dr. Epstein performs this procedure in our comfortable office.

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Who is a candidate for MyEllevate™?

MyEllevate™ for lower-face rejuvenation achieves the best results in patients who have good skin elasticity but are lacking definition under the chin and along the jawline. This procedure has achieved outstanding results transforming a sloped neck curve to one that is more angular and youthful. Dr. Epstein performs a thorough consultation and examination to determine the best approach for each patient’s desired outcome. If necessary, MyEllevate™ may be combined with ancillary procedures to promote tissue tightening, fat reduction, or other improvements to maximize patient outcomes.

What are the benefits of choosing MyEllevate™ for Facial Rejuvenation?

Patients enjoy multiple advantages associated with the MyEllevate™ neck rejuvenation procedure, including:

  • Short, convenient treatment
  • Minimal-invasiveness reduces downtime
  • Normal activities can typically resume in a few days
  • Minimal side effects after treatment
  • No anesthesia is necessary
  • Natural-looking facial rejuvenation
  • Results are visible quickly and can last years

What are the side effects of MyEllevate™?

After the MyEllevate™ procedure, patients go home wearing a chin strap. Minor swelling or bruising are normal side effects that may appear within the first few days after treatment. These are expected to resolve in about 3 days. Patients should wear the chin strap throughout this time. After a week or two, swelling and bruising should be gone. The neck and jawline may feel tight for a few weeks. This side effect should not prevent normal activities.

How long does a MyEllevate™ treatment take?

The MyEllevate™ procedure is quick and convenient. Patients may allow one to two hours for their entire appointment. Because a local anesthetic and sedative may be administered, patients should plan to go home immediately after their procedure. They may be advised to arrange for someone to drive them home after treatment.

Is MyEllevate™ painful?

No. Patients are pre-treated with a local anesthetic before Dr. Epstein commences with treatment. The injections of local anesthetic are very quick and feel like a tiny pinch. The medication works quickly to numb the tissue involved in the procedure. A local anesthetic is effective throughout the procedure and usually for a few hours afterward.

How does a MyEllevate™ Facial Rejuvenation treatment work?

The MyEllevate™ neck contouring procedure is unique in its methodology. Many contouring treatments work by tightening the skin. Even a neck lift works by tightening and trimming excess, sagging tissue. MyEllevate™ contours the jawline from the chin to the curve of the neck just near the ears. It does so by securing a strong, supportive, permanent suture in a position that lifts not only the skin but the glands that can obscure the natural, youthful contour of the jaw.

The procedure involves a small puncture in the skin, made with a blunt-tipped, lighted rod. One puncture is made behind the ear. Another may be made under the chin. The rod is progressed to the precise position to begin inserting the suture, guided by ICLED technology. This light can be seen through the skin, so there is no guesswork related to placement. The rod is passed through the superficial layer of fatty tissue, just above the muscle, where it creates a suspension matrix to hold the neck in a more sculpted contour.

What conditions are MyEllevate™ used to treat?

MyEllevate™ is a minimally-invasive treatment for neck and lower jaw laxity. The non-surgical procedure can address concerns such as jowls, excess tissue beneath the chin, and platysmal bands.

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