Get Better Abs, Butt and Thighs without Surgery

The dream body contour for most men and women today is not one that’s super thin. Instead, it’s a body that looks fit, healthy and strong. However, attaining those 6-pack abs, for example, is hard. It requires diligence in terms of your diet as well as a significant amount of time logged in at the gym. In our busy world, many patients already find it difficult to balance career, family, and friends with their workouts. Furthermore, for some, no matter how hard they exercise, they can’t quite get that contour that they’d like. But what if I told you that you could drastically improve the muscle tone in your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs in a quick, non-surgical and non-invasive procedure? With CoolTone™, this is entirely possible.

CoolTone™ is a procedure that uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS), or high intensity, electromagnetic fields, to stimulate muscle contractions in order to strengthen, tone and firm the muscles in your treatment area. Bottom line, it allows you to build the bulk that you want in 30 minutes instead of countless hours lifting weights. Emsculpt®, which is a competing procedure that does the same thing, has been around for a while so we know that the technology works. The reason that I am so excited to be one of the first plastic surgeons to offer my Long Island and beyond patients CoolTone™ is because I’ve done the research, and I think it’s a superior procedure.

CoolTone™ vs. Emsulpt®

As a former biomedical electrical engineer, I looked at the technology behind CoolTone™ and Emsculpt® very critically. While both use electromagnetic fields to stimulate muscle contractions, there are some key differences. First, the CoolTone™ uses a much more powerful magnet. And second, their magnetic coil is liquid-cooled with oil instead of air-cooled like the Emsculpt®. A treatment with CoolTone™ is:

  • more efficient
  • simpler to perform
  • delivers a better result

Furthermore, when the coils are air cooled, the skin on your buttocks, for example, needs to be exposed during treatment, but with CoolTone™, you can remain clothed. This is something that makes many patients very happy.

What is CoolTone™?

As discussed, CoolTone™ is an exciting, new technology from Allergan, the company that brought us CoolSculpting®. It uses electromagnetic stimulation to help your body build muscle. Applicator pads are applied to your treatment area, and energy transmits through the pads, causing muscle contraction that are beyond what you can naturally achieve through exercise. The reason for this is that the electrical current is able to bypass your fatty tissue, stimulating nearby motor nerve structures that result in involuntary, fast twitching and deep muscle contractions. The end result is visible dramatic increase in the muscle tone of your:

  • Abdominion
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

Are you a candidate for CoolTone™?

The ideal candidate for CoolTone™ is someone who is already fit and at a healthy weight. The reason is simple. If you have a lot of excess fat, you won’t be able to see the contours that CoolTone™ delivers. However, if you have just a moderate degree of extra fat, I may recommend combining Coolsculpting® and CoolTone™. It really comes down to your individual anatomy. This is why I always encourage patients to schedule an in-person CoolTone™ consultation. It’s the best way for me to really assess your:

  • anatomy
  • lifestyle
  • skin tone and texture
  • fatty deposits
  • current muscle condition

My goal is to always deliver your ideal body contour in the most efficient way possible which is what I love about CoolTone™. It allows me to safely and efficiently create those “cut” muscles that we all dream about without surgery. It’s a true game-changer.

To find out more about CoolTone™ with Dr. Mark Epstein in Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation.


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