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See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My DreamDr. Epstein is proud to offer prospective and current patients the most advanced form of plastic surgery consultation through the use of the Vectra® 3D Camera and Sculptor™ software. This technology takes 3D photographs of the targeted body part and allows Dr. Epstein to simulate the results of the patient’s chosen plastic surgery procedure(s) with Vectra’s state-of-the-art software program.

Patients considering breast augmentation, mastopexy (breast lift) or a combination of the two, or any kind of facial plastic surgery procedure, including rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and more, can now view how they might look after surgery before even entering the operating room! Dr. Epstein can also show patients the benefits of combining more than one procedure for maximum results. In the future, the Vectra system will also be able to simulate the results of injectable fillers, facelifts and more. The Vectra 3D system helps patients to better understand what surgical results they might anticipate, better aligning the patient’s expectations with a realistic outcome and significantly improving patient satisfaction.

3D Photographic Simulation Brings a New Dimension to Plastic Surgery at the office of Mark Epstein

If you are one of the thousands of people each year considering aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Mark D. Epstein has some good news for you! Recent advances in three-dimensional (3D) photography, combined with revolutionary new software, allow prospective patients to preview what they might look like as the result of breast augmentation, facial procedures and more, well in advance of any surgery.

How It Works

Both the VECTRA® 3D camera and Sculptor™ software which make this possible were developed by Canfield Imaging Systems of Fairfield, NJ, the world’s leading provider of medical photography systems.

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The process starts with a VECTRA 3D session, which produces a three dimensional photograph of the patient. Then, using Sculptor software, Dr. Epstein is able to simulate the results of a variety of aesthetic procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, facelifts and more! Since they are 3D models, these images can be viewed from all angles, as well as side-by-side comparisons and translucent overlays. The computer simulations will vary from the actual results.

VIDEO: Vectra 3D Breast Augmentation Simulation

This is a very detailed video demonstration of the capabilities of the Vectra 3D system performing computerized simulation of breast augmentation using teardrop shaped (“Gummy bear”) silicone gel implants.

Personalized Breast Augmentation Imaging

As a leading surgeon who is always on the forefront of the newest breast augmentation technology, Dr. Epstein is proud to offer VECTRA 3D imaging consultations for his many breast augmentation patients. The VECTRA system provides precise breast measurements and helps Dr. Epstein and his patients agree upon realistic goals for surgery.

Despite Dr. Epstein’s unquestionable skill and extensive experience, many patients are still hesitant to undergo breast surgery because of their worry and uncertainty over achieving the exact results they desire. The VECTRA 3D system puts these fears to rest by creating a 3D image of your breasts and torso to let you visualize how your breasts may look after surgery.  Dr. Epstein will determine your ideal implant size using a complex set of measurements of your breasts and tissue quality – this system is called “soft tissue based planning”. After determining the ideal implant size, you will be able to see how you might look with a given implant style (saline, silicone, round, teardrop) and the volume as determined by Dr. Epstein.

Achieve True Facial Beauty

Although he is widely known primarily for his skill in breast augmentation, Dr. Epstein also specializes in facial procedures designed to help patients achieve the look they desire without sacrificing their defining qualities. Patients considering certain facial procedures can benefit from a consultation using the Vectra 3D system that allows them to visualize what their new face might look like before actually committing to the procedure.

The VECTRA Face Sculptor can be used to create 3D models for rhinoplasty, chin augmentation and chin liposuction, with future capabilities including injectable fillers, facelifts and more.

Patients considering one type of facial procedure can also see the benefits of combining more than procedure to achieve facial symmetry and an overall improved appearance. A variety of combinations can be previewed to see which ones provide your desired results. Seeing these images before undergoing surgery can help significantly reduce any stress or worries about your post-surgery appearance.

Improved Patient Satisfaction Through Precise Results

A VECTRA 3D consultation allows patients to approach their cosmetic surgery with the confidence of understanding what their results might look like. The computer simulations are approximations – no surgeon can guarantee what the surgical result will look like, however, most patients find these simulations extremely helpful.  While viewing before-and-after photos of other patients has been successful in the past, patients and doctors can now come to a clearly defined goal for the procedure by making surgical changes to a 3D representation of each individual patient.

This unique technology often results in higher patient satisfaction, as well as reduces the risk of miscommunication between surgeon and patient. The simulation of the final results are visible on the system’s computer screen long before any incisions are made.

My patients absolutely love this. For the first time, they’re able to see a 3D picture of themselves with their new look. Because it’s in 3D, I can rotate their picture to any viewpoint, and they can really examine the desired result. We can make changes here and there and agree on a final look in advance, and this truly helps them make a decision.

Dr. Epstein is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and is available for consultations by appointment at 631-689-1100.

To learn more about computerized simulation of breast augmentation, please click the brief video below…

*The images produced by Vectra 3D are a computerized simulation and may vary from actual surgical results.

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