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Happy, healthy, glowing skin is a significant aspect of aging gracefully. We enjoy helping our patients address their aging process utilizing the highest standard of care. To that end, we rely on evidence-based technologies and products to achieve optimal outcomes. The skin is a very personal and nuanced part of the body. To help our patients succeed in caring for their skin, we offer VISIA Complexion Analysis, a state-of-the-art imaging service that observes the skin, as well as what lies beneath the surface. Call 631.689.1100 today to learn more or to schedule a personalized VISIA consultation with Dr. Mark D. Epstein!

What is Visia Complexion analysis?

VISIA is an in-depth analysis of individual dermatologic characteristics that may age the face. The report empowers patients to understand their skin's unique needs at any point in time and to receive the care that can properly address their personal aging process. The process works via detailed, high-resolution imaging that measures and tracks a variety of dermatologic characteristics through a personal treatment journey.

What does VISIA Skin Analysis measure and how does it analyze skin conditions?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis evaluates much more than basic complexion details. The software measures pore size, skin pigment, UV spots, texture, and even sees evidence of bacteria that may contribute to acne. The device uses the images captured to formulate what is referred to as True Skin Age. Hopefully, a patient's True Skin Age is younger than their biological age. Regardless, the skin's specific needs are identified during the analysis, and the provider then develops a customized treatment program to meet those needs. Most damage can be reversed with proper care. In addition to formulating True Skin Age, the VISIA system also compares each patient's skin with healthy skin within their age group. Finally, VISIA can provide age simulation that can predict how the skin will age over time, including where wrinkles and pigment problems may occur. Likewise, the system can also perform the opposite, showing the patient how their skin may look when lines, wrinkles, texture, and other conditions are improved.

How does the VISIA Skin Analysis work?

The VISIA machine captures a series of images from various angles as it rotates from one side of the face to the other. Images are transmitted to a computer screen on which the details of the scans can be reviewed. The initial scan can serve as a baseline and guide for treatment planning. Subsequent scans can analyze and measure the extent of improvement achieved through customized skin treatments.

How long does a skin analysis take?

VISIA Complexion Analysis takes a series of snapshots of the skin. Images are processed very quickly, and the provider then reviews images and analysis information with the patient. The entire process can take less than half an hour.

What can the analysis reveal?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis evaluates several aspects of the skin in order to reveal its current and future needs. Some of the details that patients can expect on their report include:

  • Spots. The software in this system can identify brown and red marks on the skin based on the skin's natural tone. Spots may indicate photodamage, freckles, melasma, and other pigment conditions.
  • Photodamage. Spots are only one indication of photodamage. The VISIA system can also detect UV spots made by melanin accumulation that sit below the epidermis.
  • Wrinkles. Many lines and wrinkles can be seen with the naked eye. However, the VISIA system picks up all creases and fine lines within the skin, enabling the patient to see where they may need to address a loss of elasticity.
  • Skin texture. Detailed imaging shows areas of elevation and depression, even minute changes across the skin, which indicate how smooth or rough the texture is.
  • Pores. The pores in the skin release sebum to maintain optimal moisture. Too much sebum can clog the pores and contribute to enlargement. The VISIA report shows areas in which pore size reduction may be beneficial.
  • Redness. Redness in the skin is often a sign of inflammation. VISIA software picks up subtle to severe redness from conditions like rosacea and acne. It also identifies telangiectasias, small red veins just beneath the skin.
  • Porphyrins. These are Gram-positive anaerobic bacteria that contribute to acne. Porphyrins have a fluorescent property that makes them visible on the VISIA analysis.

How accurate are these analyses?

Complexion analysis software has been used for more than 30 years. In that time, technology has continually evolved to refine and enhance the evaluation of the skin, as well as what lies beneath. There are two parts to the VISIA system. One is the capture module, which rotates smoothly around the patient's head as they sit stationary. The other is the sophisticated software that quickly classifies various dermatologic characteristics, such as complexion, skin type, and more advanced features. The software includes a zoom feature that allows the provider to evaluate images more closely and to explain the skin's characteristics in visual detail to the patient.

Are my personalized VISIA Skin Analysis results available online?

Results of the analysis are available immediately and are reviewed by our experienced clinical staff. Patients may request a copy of their VISIA report to keep for their personal records.

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