Case ID: 11135

Frontal: Before and after Custom Flask Labiaplasty - perineal view

Front: Before and after Custom Flask Labiaplasty - upright view

18 year old female who underwent labiaplasty using the "Custom Flask Reduction" labiaplasty technique. This is a very unusual case. I believe that a lateral trimming technique would be entirely inadequate here and that if this procedure was undertaken, there would still be a lot of "flare" of the labia minora. Initially I considered a Central Wedge technique, but the concern here was that in order to get enough of a resection of labial tissue, the "V" would extend into the vagina itself, with the potential complication of narrowing the vaginal orifice (opening) itself. Therefore, a more recently described technique, the "Custom Flask Resection" technique was chosen. This permits re-designing the labia minora without narrowing the vaginal orifice at the same time. The result was very successful!

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