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Mommy Makeover in long island | Dr. Mark Epstein M.D.

You know how painful childbirth is, right?  It’s why God gave us epidurals!  Anyway, childbirth is one of the toughest things women go through – oh and don’t forget the pregnancy part! – and yet even though it’s painful, we still love our kids and would, and do, do it again and again!  However, the toll pregnancy takes on the body can sometimes be very extensive and often cannot be fixed of your own volition.  How many times have you tried to diet and exercise your way to a fuller, firmer breast?   Or get rid of the stretch marks and excess skin on your tummy at the gym?   Pregnancy generally affects two areas of the body – breasts and abdomen – so do Mommy Makeovers!

As your belly swells over the term of the pregnancy, so do your breasts.  One of the most common comments I hear is, “If I could have the breasts I had when I was 9 months pregnant, without the belly, I would LOVE it!  When the effects of pregnancy and nursing go away, you can either be left with a breast that is simply deflated, or one that is really saggy.  A Mommy Makeover might include simply adding a breast implant, or it could mean doing a Mastopexy, or breast lift, or it could mean doing both.  Dr. Epstein will use measurements of your breasts and 3D imaging to devise the proper surgical plan for you.  Using advance surgical techniques, Dr. Epstein can even provide you with a One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation ™ experience that allows you to return to normal, routine movement the afternoon of surgery.

And then there’s your belly.  As the uterus expands several anatomic changes occur in the belly that often cannot be fixed with exercise.  A tummy tuck addresses three basic parts of your belly – muscle wall separation, deep compartment fat deposits and excess skin.  Some patients need all three components addressed with others only needing one or two.  There is no such thing as “mini” abdominoplasty, in Dr. Epstein’s opinion.  Sometimes surgeons will try to tell you it’s a “mini” if they only take skin or if they don’t move your belly button, but it is what it is.  If you have excess skin that needs to be removed, I would almost guarantee that you have muscles your sucking in everyday trying not to show a pouch!   The incision for an abdominoplasty usually goes right above the top of the pubic hairline and then angles up toward your hip bones on either side.  Dr. Epstein will determine the length of the incision by how much excess skin needs to be removed.  He will also discuss the benefits of 4D Vaser® Liposuction of your abdomen, flank and back so as to give you the most sculpted torso possible.  An abdominoplasty requires a bit more recovery time than a breast procedure alone, but with Dr. Epstein’s technique there are NO drains to deal with and very little need for post op pain meds!  Be prepared to spend one night near the surgery center with a private nurse, but she will have you up and strolling around the hotel the night of surgery!

Both surgeries, breast and tummy, usually take at least 6-8 weeks to begin to soften, settle and become as svelte as they will be in the end. So if you really want to show off the new you this summer, these procedures need to be done now so that the new you has time to take shape!  In just a few short hours in the operating room, Dr. Epstein can erase the damage done over those wonderful nine months giving you your body back again!  Mommy Makeovers are magic and a wonderful way to treat yourself for all you do!

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