VASER – The Latest Technique in Liposuction

by Mark D. Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

All bodies are not created equal. For most of us, stubborn fatty deposits attach themselves to our hips, circle around our bellies, cling to our thighs, and even appear on our arms, backs, and chins. You’ve likely identified problem areas of your own that persist despite your diet and exercise efforts. If you’ve ever considered liposuction and thought it was too drastic, you may want to consider a new procedure that is transforming the body-sculpting patient experience.

It’s called VASER LipoSelection®. These days, patients are turning to this advanced procedure to combat their “trouble spots”, especially those that may be genetic “gifts” or are seemingly resistant to the hours spent at the gym. By delivering consistent results with minimal pain and down time, VASER LipoSelection is becoming the new standard of care for body contouring.

The key to the VASER LipoSelection difference is tissue selectivity, provided by a patented device called the VASER® System. Simply put, traditional liposuction procedures are limited by their inability to differentiate between the bad (excess fat) and the good (nerves, blood vessels, connective tissues, etc.). While traditional procedures do remove fat, a considerable amount of damage can be done to other important tissues. This can cause bleeding, bruising, and swelling, and lead to a longer recovery. In addition, damaged collagen and connective tissues can compromise the final shape, leaving behind lumps and bumps where uneven amounts of fat have been removed. Ultrasound energy employed by the VASER System ruptures fat cells on contact, while minimally disturbing important tissues vital to optimal recovery and consistent results.

Only VASER technology provides the tissue selective LipoSelection procedure, which targets fatty deposits while minimally disturbing the rest of the
tissue matrix. As a result, VASER LipoSelection patients consistently report low to minimal pain, bruising, swelling, and down time. Physicians
report consistent, predictable results and an enhanced ability to sculpt and contour a patient’s physique. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities in a matter of days.

For more extensive information about the VASER system, please click here.

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