Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Results

Most women can attain beautiful results with breast augmentation. However, you cannot change the tissues that you have. When a woman of 50 who has breast fed four children comes in with a photo of a model age 20 with implants and full, shapely breasts, it is unrealistic to assume that she will have the same results. As the surgeon, I can only work with the tissues that I am given. That is not to say I can’t deliver beautiful results; in most cases I can, but maybe in some cases not quite what the patient has in their mind if their expectations are unrealistic.

It is my goal to perform a thorough analysis of your tissues, and try to paint a picture of the type of result I anticipate obtaining with breast augmentation surgery. When expectations are aligned with what I anticipate delivering, the result is a happy patient and a happy surgeon. I attempt to communicate realistic expectations to my patients via this website, face to face communication during the consultation process, 3-D computer simulation and being available for questions and second consultations. It is for this reason that I spend a fair amount of time with the patient, as well as to create as informative a website as possible to educate the patient before, during and after surgery. Furthermore, this education empowers the patient to make the right decisions so as to obtain the best possible results for her with breast implant surgery.


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