Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with Implants


Next to implant size, this is probably the biggest concern my patients have. Most of my patients do not need a lift. They realize this, and so it never comes up for discussion. Sometimes a breast augmentation alone is not enough to rejuvenate the breasts. There may be sagging of the nipple (ptosis), the breast gland and fat (pseudoptosis or “false ptosis”) or a combination of both.

Some of my patients need a lift, and fortunately, they know this. The problem is when a patient comes in and needs a lift, but they were not prepared to hear me recommend this. Sometimes, they take it well and it’s a non-issue. Sometimes, they are fearful to move forward because of the extra scars or the cost becomes prohibitive. For those patients, I feel badly because it is like being hit with a ton of bricks. They just were not prepared for this.

I could write a book chapter on this subject. I do believe that breast lifts are sometimes over-utilized. In other words, I believe that some women are getting them when they do not need them. I was once attending a presentation on breast augmentation. A series of questions were asked of the audience, and each of us was able to respond using a little hand-held remote to cast our vote. The results were then instantly tallied and displayed on the screen for all to see in real time. Pretty amazing technology. One of the questions asked was “what percentage of your first time augmentations do you do a breast lift at the same time?” The answers varied from 4% to 80%. I would assume, that on average, each surgeon probably sees a similar mix of patients, so why do some surgeons do very few breast lifts with their augmentations and others do a lot of them? I would assume that some surgeons are under-utilizing breast lifts and some are over-utilizing them.

The sections in this chapter will help you to better understand if you might require a breast lift in addition to breast implants to achieve the most optimal result.

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