Facial Rejuvenation

Botox? Fillers? Surgery? – Which Do I Need?

In my busy aesthetic surgical practice, I see many patients desiring to rejuvenate their facial appearance, but they are not sure as to what they need. They ask me if they need. They ask me if they should get Botox or fillers, which is less invasive than surgery, or go with surgery for a…

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Disaster

While doing some grocery shopping tonight (yes, plastic surgeons do grocery shopping – my spouse is a dermatologist so we split the household chores) I saw this month’s Life & Style cover story “Heidi’s New Surgery Disaster.” Being a cosmetic plastic surgeon this naturally piqued my curiosity so I bought the magazine and read…

The Mystery of Eyelid Vs Forehead Lift

In my practice, I find that most consultations for facial aging are driven by a patient’s concern about a particular feature of their face that bothers them. Rarely do they ask me for my opinion as to what is making them look older, nor do they have concerns about large areas. And the fact…

Should a Facelift always include a neck lift?

Patients often ask me if they can avoid a face lift and just focus on the neck. The question is also asked the other way around: is it possible to have a facelift without a neck lift? This is my response: With the advent of techniques that permit greater facial rejuvenation with less operating…

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