Breast Augmentation

Myth Buster: Removing Implants

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to plastic surgery. It’s a topic that sells magazines or clicks these days, but sometimes, these stories are based on old information. This is because the field of aesthetics is constantly evolving. It’s one of the many reasons why I love what I do. Plastic…

Breast Implants: Why Bigger Is Not Always Better

Breast augmentation remains the number one surgical procedure year after year because restoring volume that was lost, or was never there to start off with, is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the entire torso. It can make your waist look smaller, your abdomen seem flatter, and your buttocks appear more lifted. This, in turn,…

Best Procedure for Your Breasts — Augmentation, Lift or Reduction?

Many patients who are unhappy with the look of their chest are confused as to what, exactly, needs to be done to fix it. Oftentimes, a patient will go online and see that her favorite celebrity or social influencer got breast implants, and think that it is the answer to every problem. A breast…

What’s the Best Implant for You?

A breast augmentation is one of my favorite procedures to perform because it has the ability to completely transform a woman’s body contour. And when you feel more comfortable in your skin, this self-confidence radiates into every aspect of your life. Furthermore, with my unique One Day Recovery breast augmentation, you can get the…

24-Hour-Recovery from Breast Augmentation – How to Know You are Getting the Real Thing

In 2002, my good friend, colleague and mentor, Dr. John Tebbetts, described an entirely new approach to breast augmentation. His procedure, which he termed “24-hour-recovery breast augmentation”, is radically different than current breast augmentation techniques. What he created is a system for breast augmentation that is: • Based upon the measurement of breast tissue…

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The Plastic Surgery Channel has a new member!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mark Epstein has been invited to be a distinguished member of a very exciting, new authority and resource for patients in plastic surgery! The Plastic Surgery Channel’s goal is to educate, inform and influence the world of plastic surgery and it needs experts to do it! That’s…

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Shopping for Breast Implants!

Finally!  New breast implant options are arriving for patients!  The Allergan Natrelle Inspira breast implant was recently approved by the FDA and Dr. Epstein is very excited to have a new product to add to his arsenal of breast implant options for his patients!  He says, ”These implants have been available outside the US…

Why Go Under the Knife when you don’t have to? And for what, breast implants???

Most people spend their lives trying to avoid surgery.  So why do so many women seek surgery for something as totally unnecessary as breast implants?  In Dr. Epstein’s practice, we see two types of women who seek breast augmentation.  Both groups have one thing in common, they cannot fix what bothers them about their…

Incision Indecision – Which incision is best in Breast Augmentation?

Boy, have times changed in the incision decision department! When the FDA took the old silicone gels off the market in the 1990′s, we were forced into using nothing but saline implants for over 16 years. Saline implants come to the surgeon empty and are filled through a valve after they are placed (one…

Breast Augmentation and Cup Size – when should you buy new bras?

This question came in from a friend of one of our patients who had surgery with another surgeon – not Dr. Epstein, as he would never promise a patient a certain cup size!  He does, however, listen carefully to the patient’s desires, which is often expressed in cup size, but helps them understand that…

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