Body Sculpting Surgery: Technologies and Techniques

Many of my patients have asked about how VASER (internal ultrasound ‘VASER’ assisted lipoplasty) is different from Smart Lipo and Slim Lipo (Internal Laser-Assisted Lipoplasty). This article, written by a biomedical engineer compares these and several other technologies to reduce subcutaneous fat. I think that the article is well written and informative. When I…

VASER – The Latest Technique in Liposuction

by Mark D. Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S. All bodies are not created equal. For most of us, stubborn fatty deposits attach themselves to our hips, circle around our bellies, cling to our thighs, and even appear on our arms, backs, and chins. You’ve likely identified problem areas of your own that persist despite your diet…

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