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Mommy Makeovers ~ beautiful breasts and sculpted torsos!

By ttebbetts
February 14, 2015

You know how painful childbirth is, right?  It’s why God gave us epidurals!  Anyway, childbirth is one of the toughest things women go through – oh and don’t forget the pregnancy part! – and yet even though it’s painful, we still love our kids and would, and do, d o it again and again!  However,...  read more

One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation - A Real Recovery Experience

By ttebbetts
February 1, 2015

  When something seems too good to be true, it usually is, right?  That is exactly what Dr. Epstein’s patient, Jennifer, thought when she heard about One Day Breast Augmentation Recovery ™ as she was researching the procedure and plastic surgeons.  Everyone she encountered – surgeons and friends – said that the rapid, quick, one...  read more

When is the BEST time to have Breast Augmentation?

By ttebbetts
January 17, 2015

With all the talk about better a better recovery time when you have breast implants, like Dr. Epstein’s One Day Recovery™ where you can resume normal activity the afternoon of surgery, it would be easy to think that you could wait until the last minute, have breast augmentation and head to the beach – right? ...  read more

New Beauty Magazine Features Dr. Mark Epstein!

By ttebbetts
January 4, 2015

New Beauty magazine is famous for finding the latest and greatest in everything from skin care to diet and exercise to plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Currently it is featuring the innovations of Dr. Mark Epstein, Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, plastic surgeon.  For over ten years, Dr. Epstein has been performing One-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation™...  read more

The Benefits of 4D-VASER Body Sculpting

By admin
December 17, 2014

4D-VASER body sculpting combines liposuction with abdominoplasty. Combining these procedures provides for a more attractive contour by eliminating unwanted skin during the removal of excess fat. This procedure has been referred to in the media as “six pack abs surgery.” This process leads to more muscle definition and smoother body contours. Why choose 4D-VASER Body...  read more

A Closer Look at Non-Surgical Procedures

By editor
November 26, 2014

Don't you deserve to look and feel your very best? In addition to our comprehensive lineup of breast, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation surgeries, we also offer laser hair removal as well as several other non-surgical cosmetics and skin rejuvenation procedures. These advanced skincare technologies deliver lasting results with minimal recovery time. BOTOX®: If fine...  read more

Facts About Mammograms and Breast Implants

By admin
October 30, 2014

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's an important time to spread awareness about the disease, and stress the importance of early detection. Mammography is a proven method for early detection which can greatly improve the chances of survival. For a little over a decade, it was suspected that breast implants and breast cancer...  read more

December Specials

By admin
December 23, 2013

Important Message from Dr. Epstein Regarding Hurricane Sandy

By admin
November 5, 2012

Dear Friends: Unfortunately, we are still without power. We do have the appointment schedule for this week and my staff will be contacting patients. Donna (special kudos to her!) has all our phone lines forwarded to her cell phone and continues to answer all our calls. As soon as power is restored, we will be...  read more

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