Breast Implants 101 - The Basics

This may seem like a lot to go through, especially as you are probably on a whirlwind tour of numerous websites and want to have time to see all of them. What I have done here is somewhat unique: I have created a sort of online course in breast augmentation - There are many different topics of interest to read about. Start with "Breast implants 101" - it's like an introductory course. After you digest that information, move to "Breast implants 102" for intermediate level topics of discussion. If you still have a thirst for more knowledge, move on to "Breast implants 103" for some more advanced topics. If you are serious about undergoing breast implant surgery, you really shouldn't miss "Important considerations when having breast implant surgery". Just after this section, is a dedicated section to introduce you to the Allergan 410 highly cohesive "gummy bear" implant. There is a great deal of information on this device presented, and it should help you considerably in determining if this device is right for you.

There is also another section of other topics of interest called “Our Unique Approach”. This section has information about the consultation process, our "One-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation" procedure, what to expect after the surgery, our anesthesiologists, medical and support personnel and our own unique "Three day out-of-town package" for those traveling to see us.

Many of my patients offered very positive feedback on this website, so it is with this in mind that I decided to create a dedicated breast augmentation “website within a website”. This was done not to create an empty dummy website with little useful content to show up in search results, but rather to provide true value to my patients. It is based upon what I have learned since I first went into practice over 20 years ago in 1994, and especially from what I have learned from my good friend and mentor, Dr. John Tebbetts, who over the past twenty years has taught me a great deal about breast augmentation and (in 1994) how to perform the surgery so that patients can recover in 24 hours, as well as how to be the very best surgeon and patient advocate that I can be. John influenced me more than any other mentor in my growth as an aesthetic plastic surgeon and I will be eternally grateful to him for his kind friendship, thoughtful creativity, knowledge, skill and patience.

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