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Choosing The Right Size

Watch this video describing how i select the correct size implants for your surgery:

Almost everyone who comes to see me in consultation is most concerned about size. Why not? You are coming to see me to enlarge your breasts, so the obvious question is "how large is large enough?" This is one of the most important questions. You, the patient has an idea what you like. Maybe you are unsure of what is the right size. Surgeons have different ways of selecting the right size. Certainly, in every case, the surgeon MUST listen to the patient and at the very least understand what it is that the patient wants. Maybe the patient's desires are feasible, maybe they are not. It is absolutely essential that the surgeon know how to select the correct implant size so as to enhance the breast and at the same time minimize the risk of complications and need for re-operation.

This section reviews the rationale for proper implant selection, how to maintain a "natural" look, discusses scientifically proven methods in implant selection and how 3D imaging and computerized simulation aid in the consultation process and implant selection.

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