Achieving a Natural Look

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My Personal Approach to Breast Augmentation

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Long Island

The "Baywatch" Look

Just about everyone I see wants natural results. Anyone who wants a very artificial look (let's call it the "Baywatch" look) with very high, extremely disproportionately large breasts is usually turned down for surgery; that is not what I believe in doing, as the likely sequel will be destruction of the breast tissues and the creation of uncorrectable deformities.

I believe in an approach that produces a natural result.* There are several advantages to this: the breasts will look and feel natural both in and out of clothing (to the maximum extent that is possible based upon the quality of the tissues), the patient can achieve a 24 hour recovery and the re-operation rate is negligible. Let’s talk about these issues individually.

What is a "Natural Look"

A natural look is a breast that looks natural. Seems obvious. Let me add the following: "to the extent that the tissues will permit." A truly natural, unaugmented breast C cup size will have some descent of the glandular tissue rather than pointing straight ahead. Why is this? Simple. Gravity. Can’t eliminate gravity. A natural breast C cup size will have the nipple pointing straight ahead, and lie about even with the lower breast crease to maybe an inch above it. There is a straight slope along the top of the breast and a nice rounded bottom. The breast mounds themselves point slightly towards the sides.

This is an example of the ideal augmented breast:

Left – Lateral view demonstrates a fairly straight slope on the upper portion of the breast with a very slight convexity, the nipple is above the level of the lower breast crease with a slight upturn and the lower breast has a nice gentle curvature.

Right – The frontal view demonstrates balance between the outer edge of the breasts and the hips below.

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