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As I stated earlier, knowledge is of paramount importance in making the right decisions regarding your breast augmentation surgery. The patient experience begins with their first contact with us. This may be from the website, or a call to our office. Every step of the way, it is our mission to educate our patients. Our practice website has been live since 1999 and has undergone six major complete re-builds and is updated frequently with useful information as well as photographic case studies. It contains much useful information about breast augmentation and has an excellent frequently asked questions on breast augmentation (FAQ) area with over forty common topics of interest. There is also a blog which addresses many topics in plastic surgery, but also has some useful posts that relate specifically to breast augmentation. At the bottom of each page is a button for “older entries” that you will need to click to review previous posts. This new, dedicated breast augmentation micro-website within our main website is designed to take a different approach so that those interested in obtaining a great deal of information about breast augmentation can find it all in one place. There are many articles on common and even not so common topics of interest in breast augmentation. When I meet with patients, I make frequent use of my own case studies to illustrate certain important points, so why not put it all together into one cohesive learning process? That is what I did on this site. The topics are organized almost like a college course, i.e.: Breast Implants 101 - The Basics. Each topic on the menu has several articles within it.

My office staff are specially trained to assist you with your questions and concerns and never make you feel uncomfortable about the time you need to get the information and answers you need and deserve. If a staff member is not able to answer your question appropriately, they will either transfer you to someone that will be able to help you or refer the concern to me personally, and I will either provide the staff member the information to give you or I will contact you personally.

I do not believe in buying “canned” marketing materials (pamphlets and brochures from various vendors). My approach and results are very unique, and very few surgeons are experienced with this technique and achieve these results. I write all the material myself, from website to brochure to informational flyers. And this information is updated whenever necessary.

A personal consultation is essential. When I meet with a patient, family and friends are always welcome and encouraged to be present. I strive to give everyone all the time they need to feel that all their questions and concerns are addressed. If you need follow up consultations to answer additional questions, it is never a problem.

Many patients enjoy the ability to speak to my patients who have already undergone surgery. That is encouraged and never a problem. Not infrequently, a post operative patient who is present in the office is often more than willing to take a few minutes to speak to a new patient at their initial consultation about their experiences with their breast augmentation surgery.

In summary, we treat you as if you were a member of our own family. Whatever we can do to make this an enjoyable and exciting journey for you is our mission.

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