6 Ways To Pay For Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery in long island ny | Dr. Mark Epstein Whether it’s major reconstruction or cosmetic procedure to improve appearance, the cost of plastic surgery can prevent people from seeking treatment. No standard list of prices exists for the hundreds of surgeries available, which adds to patients’ concerns. Fortunately, many financing options exist to allow practically anyone to achieve the appearance they desire.

You Don’t Have to Think ‘Cash’

Medical service can always be paid out of pocket. Doing so is easy and welcome, but usually impractical for anyone who is not independently wealthy. Ask about discounts and special offers, especially for procedures that can be done in the doctor’s office, such as laser treatments for skin and eyes.

Check Your Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance policies cover most physical reconstructions deemed medically necessary. Consulting closely with one’s regular physician, as well as a plastic surgeon and the insurance company, is necessary before determining whether any specific plastic surgery will be covered in whole or in part by insurance.

Consider Tapping Your Health Savings Account

Depending on the situation, HSA funds may be able to be used on prescribed plastic surgeries. For instance, if the doctor determines removing excess skin following significant and rapid weight loss, or that correcting a deviated septum to improve sleep, is necessary, money set aside for medical expenses to pay for those procedures may be able to be used. Again, confirming the surgical prescription and the availability of HSA payment are necessary.

Apply for a Cosmetic Surgery Card

CareCredit works like a regular credit card to let users charge elective medical procedures. Spending limits apply and minimum monthly payments on outstanding balances are required.

Set Up a Payment Plan

For low-cost procedures that may still stretch a working person’s budget, most plastic surgery practices are willing to design plans that include an initial payment and monthly payments.

Consider Taking a Personal Loan

Banks and other financial institutions can issue personal loans for nearly any reason. With good credit, a loan may be able to be secured with little or no paperwork or explanation. Be careful to only deal with a loan issuer you trust.

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