How to Get Rid of Cellulite with QWO

Cellulite is a problem for so many women. It is estimated that 9 out of every 10 women will experience cellulite dimples at some point in their lifetime. Furthermore, cellulite is not something that can really be treated with diet, exercise or topical creams, despite what the beauty industry may want you to believe. As an aesthetic surgeon who is a body contouring expert, I have long been frustrated by the lack of truly effective options for eliminating cellulite. This is why I am so excited to be able to offer my Long Island patients QWO — a non-surgical procedure that can permanently reduce cellulite on the buttocks without the need for anesthesia or downtime. So, here is how to get rid of cellulite with QWO.

What Causes Cellulite?

In order to understand how QWO works, you need to understand what causes cellulite. Despite what you may think, cellulite is not fat. So, while a diet full of fruits and vegetables, and consistent exercise regime are great for your overall health as well as how your body looks and performs, they do not get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite is the result of 3 factors:

  • Thin skin
  • Enlarged fat cells
  • Thick fibrous bands

With each passing birthday, the skin and tissues everywhere on your face and body thin. It is a fact of life. When the skin on the buttocks thins, the fat cells below it can become more visible. Furthermore, there are vertical fibrous bands that run from the surface of the skin into the deeper dermis. With time, these bands can thicken, and pull on the surface of your skin. The end result is a cellulite dimple.

Here is Why QWO is an Effective Cellulite Treatment

In order to address cellulite, any treatment has to loosen those fibrous bands. Past cellulite treatments attempted to do this, but were:

  • Not particularly effective
  • Invasive
  • Done under anesthesia
  • Expensive
  • Required downtime for recovery

What makes QWO so revolutionary is that it is a non-surgical injectable of collagenase, an enzyme that dissolves collagen. Since the fibrous band that is the root cause of your cellulite dimple is made up of collagen, QWO breaks up those fibrous bands, allowing the surface of your skin to smooth out. Once the bands are gone, they are gone for good so your results are permanent. This is what makes QWO such a game-changer.

QWO Treatment Protocol

As mentioned, the results from your QWO procedure are permanent, but the current treatment protocol is 3 treatments, spaced about 3 weeks apart. You can expect to see your final results 3 weeks after your last treatment. The treatment itself is fast and relatively painless. However, you can expect some bruising after each treatment. The interesting thing is that this bruising has nothing to do with tissue trauma which typically what causes the skin to bruise. Instead, it is the result of small veins inside the fibrous bands breaking up. So, I tell my QWO patients that seeing a bruise is a good thing because you know that the treatment is working, and that you are going to get a great result.

To find out more about QWO or any surgical or non-surgical procedure with Dr. Mark Epstein in Hauppauge, Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation.

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