Investing in yourself – Cosmetic surgery and Botox in Stony Brook, Long Island

Investing in yourself – Cosmetic surgery and Botox in Stony Brook, Long Island

There are many things that we invest in. Most of the time when we think “invest” we envision a plan to take an initial financial commitment and place it somewhere so that it enhances in value. Although worthwhile, there are other great ways to invest your money. We do this all the time and not think about it. We invest money and time in our own education or that of our children so that we (they) can have an enhanced earning capacity to hopefully lead a more comfortable and secure life. We invest time to find the right home, car, vacation. We invest our emotions in finding the perfect spouse. I write this on the day of my eleventh anniversary, for instance. Investing all comes down to making oneself happier and more secure.

Cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast implants, breast lifts, tummy tucks, facelifts, rhinoplasty and liposuction are often seen as a luxury, maybe even frivolous. But when you think of it, it really isn’t. It may help you feel more secure and confident about yourself; more comfortable within your own skin, so to say. And unlike a vacation, a car, a boat, a new entertainment system, the results obtained with cosmetic surgery are longer lasting and appreciate with time. How do you place a value on feeling good about yourself, being more self-confident?

Let’s talk about Botox. An average treatment may run $600 for about 40 – 50 units of Botox. If the Botox treatment lasts, conservatively speaking 90 days (sometimes up to 120 days), the cost per day is about six dollars per day to look younger and more refreshed.

Cosmetic surgery is even more of a value. The most common cosmetic surgical procedure is breast augmentation. The approximate cost of breast implant surgery on Long Island is around $7300.00. Although you never need to change a perfectly good breast implant, device failure is about one percent per year. So at twenty years there is a twenty percent chance of needing to replace a breast implant. So let’s say the duration of the breast implant surgery procedure is twenty years. Twenty years is 7300 days. So for just one dollar per day, you can feel better about yourself. Isn’t that worth it?

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