Why Go Under the Knife when you don’t have to? And for what, breast implants???

breast implants in long island | Dr. Mark Epstein M.D. Most people spend their lives trying to avoid surgery.  So why do so many women seek surgery for something as totally unnecessary as breast implants?  In Dr. Epstein’s practice, we see two types of women who seek breast augmentation.  Both groups have one thing in common, they cannot fix what bothers them about their breasts on their own.

The first type of patient that seeks surgery for breast implants is the young lady, usually in her twenties, who never developed any breasts to begin with and has not had babies yet.  These patients often tell me they feel like they have the body of a boy or that nature skipped a beat.  They just want to feel feminine and natural and curvy.  They often say they just want their breasts to be proportionate to the rest of their bodies.  A woman in this category can never make her breasts bigger or change the shape of them without surgery and breast implants.  These patients are often limited on the size change they can have with surgery because they have never been through a pregnancy and had the stretch and change of size that a pregnancy and nursing can bring to a breast.  However, if we use measurements and Vectra ® 3D imaging to simply fill the empty space, which sometimes isn’t much, this type of patient can still end up with a bigger breast that makes them feel sexy and feminine but one that because we didn’t push the tissue too far, will hopefully last them through many off life’s events – like pregnancy and aging (remember, when you get them in your twenties, you will have to maintain them longer and therefore will deal with gravity longer!).  Patients in this category are often at a loss for imagining what their new breasts will look like as they have never seen their breasts larger.  Having the Vectra ® 3D imaging at his disposal, allows Dr. Epstein to give this patient a visual that is so important in achieving a comfort level going into surgery!

The second type of patient that seeks surgery for breast implants is the lady who never, ever thought about having any type of breast surgery or breast implants in her early twenties because nature had blessed her.  She is the one we were all jealous of in high school!  This category of patient only begins to seek surgery for breast implants after one or more pregnancies create tremendous changes in her breast.  Hormones don’t measure or care how much they change a breast.  They just want to feed a baby.  However, when all the nursing is over, the end result is usually a deflated looking breast and sometimes a ton of excess skin.  This woman cannot restore her breasts to their pre-pregnancy state on her own.   Once her family is complete, if the resulting changes in her breasts bother her enough, she will seek surgery for breast implants.  Again by employing Dr. Epstein’s preoperative planning procedure of measurement combined with imaging, we can figure out the correct amount of volume needed to simply fill the empty space creating an end result that looks very similar in size to what this woman had when she was about nine months pregnant.  It is critical that the stretch is filled.  You cannot just put in a little bit of implant.  If you do, you will end up with a result that looks like a rock in a sock.   Most of the women in this group’s that if they could have an end  result with breast surgery that was about the size they were when they were nine months pregnant, without the belly, they would be thrilled!!

The bottom line is that no one can diet and exercise their way to a fuller, firmer, bigger or lifted breast.  With that said, if you can reduce the risk of reoperation due to having surgery for breast implants and reduce the recovery time with Dr. Epstein’s One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation ™ procedure to just 24 hours, then seeking surgery for breast implants makes sense regardless of which group you fall into!


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