Breast Augmentation Decision Making Guide

Within the realm of breast surgery, a breast augmentation is, in most cases, a fairly straightforward procedure. Yet for something so simple, it packs a powerful body contouring punch. By delivering or restoring proper volume to your breasts, I can actually change the appearance of your entire torso. A breast augmentation with breast implants procedure has the ability to make your waist look smaller, your abdomen appear flatter, and your buttocks seem more lifted. The key, however, to an exemplary result is seeing a highly qualified surgeon who can help guide you towards the right decisions for your individual anatomy. So, here’s my breast augmentation decision making guide for 2021.

Every Breast Augmentation is Unique
Every breast augmentation that I perform is unique because every patient’s anatomy is different. So, what is right for you may not be what is right for your sister or your best friend. This is one of the ways in which the internet can be misleading. I love the world wide web for its ability to educate patients. It allows me to dive into the more complex conversations faster as I know that you can keep up. However, it also means that some patients will come in for a consultation having already chosen a specific implant because it is the one that their favorite social media influencer received. The right implant for you has to based on your anatomy, needs and lifestyle. Having said that, I do have a few universal preferences.

Best Implant Type & Profile
One of the first decisions that we need to make is what type of breast implant to place:

  • Silicone
  • Saline

In my opinion, silicone is much preferable to saline. It feels softer, more like your native breast tissue, and simply delivers a more natural looking result. They are also incredibly safe. Saline breast implants are literally the most studied medical device in the world. However, some patients just want saline. That’s fine. My job is to deliver the best result that I can within your parameters.

The next decision on the agenda is profile. This is how far the implant projects out from your chest wall, and ranges from low to high. I prefer a moderate plus profile in most of my patients. I think it delivers the most most natural looking result with the least amount of problems and issues after surgery. This is crucial as my goal is to not just deliver a beautiful looking result, but also one that will be long-lasting.

Incision Options
There are three main incision options when it comes to placing the breast implant:

  • Trans-axillary – through the armpit
  • Periareolar – around the nipple
  • Inframammary – within the crease beneath the breast

I typically place my incision in the inframammary fold as it gives me the most access in order to create the right contour and shape for your breasts. This, in turn, delivers the most attractive looking result. Also, any resultant scar is hidden within the crease of your breast where it will not be seen.

While all women are nervous about the idea of scars on the breast, I will tell you that in the hands of an experienced surgeon such as myself, scars on the breast heal very well. And, on the off chance that you are someone whose body scars more easily, there are steps that we can take post surgery to improve the look and feel of your incision lines.

Don’t Get Hung Up on Breast Implant Size
Selecting the right size breast implant is one of the most important decisions that we have to make, and it tends to be the one that really trips patients up. As discussed, many come in already fixated on a specific size. It’s my job, based on my many years of experience, to properly assess your anatomy, and recommend the right size implant to deliver on your goals.

Taking the time up front to make the right decisions for you is the best way to guarantee what we both want which is for you to be happy with your results.

To find out more about a breast augmentation, or any surgical or non-surgical procedure with Dr. Mark Epstein in Hauppauge, Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation.

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