Breast Augmentation and Cup Size – when should you buy new bras?

breast augmentation in long island ny | Dr. Mark Epstein M.D. This question came in from a friend of one of our patients who had surgery with another surgeon – not Dr. Epstein, as he would never promise a patient a certain cup size!  He does, however, listen carefully to the patient’s desires, which is often expressed in cup size, but helps them understand that if they want the prettiest breast, the easiest recovery with the lowest chance of a re-operation that they need to allow clinical measurements to plan their breast augmentation……not simply something they are familiar with – like cup size.

Her predicament is a common one amongst breast augmentation patients and one that can be completely avoided with a little more patient education, a scientifically based measurement system to determine breast implant size and a little peek at the future using 3D imaging.

Question ~ I don’t get it, had BA 3/4 – 450/475 HP silicone unders, had originally decided on 375 HP but changed my mind because I didn’t want to go “too small”. I wanted to be a full C small D cup and asked PS if I went with 425 what would that make me, he told me I would be a D cup. I’m tall 5’9″ with broad shoulders, but very skinny 120lbs was barely an A before. I just measured myself today and am a B cup? I dont understand, I thought this was a pretty large implant and everyone I’ve seen that has gone in the 400 range ends up a D or “at least” a C cup. Why do I look so small?

Answer ~ It is WAY too early to be trying to figure out what cup size you will be and please remember – there is no standard of measurement in fashion for cup size – they are all different and a B in one is a C in another. Please don’t judge your happiness with your result based on what cup size you end up wearing.  It really shouldn’t be about cup size, right? It should be about a bigger, firmer, PRETTY breast that will cause you the least amount of trouble long term – the least risk of having to have more surgeries. Your situation and disappointment or confusion is just one more reason – NOT to plan your operation based on a CUP SIZE. For a more accurate way to plan your operation and prevent reoperations, Dr. Epstein will use measurements of your breasts to plan your operation and chose the best size breast implant for you. Using measurements of your own breast will protect your tissue. Then he will use Vectra 3D® imaging to help you visualize your results. Seeing is certainly believing!

Dr. Epstein likes for you to be prepared for the following time frames of recovery~ 4-6 weeks where your implants are too high, tight and awkward, 3 months before you should even try to figure out what cup size you can buy, and 6 months before your implants are really settled in.

Remember the WIDEST part of the implant is still sitting too high right now – when it settles, you will have a better idea of how to spend money on bras. It appears that you are barely 2 weeks post op – – patience is the key here. Give it time and enjoy the high pushed up look you have now – because gravity will assure it doesn’t last long! Bra shopping after breast augmentation is best done at about the 3 month post op mark and best done with an open mind as you may find there is no one cup size that fits you best. It doesn’t matter what cup size you are, only that you have a beautiful breast!


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