Plastic Surgery: What To Know Ahead Of Time

Plastic Surgery Stony Brook NY Though cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming ever more popular, it is important to remember that these procedures are indeed surgery, and therefore require thought and preparation. There are some factors to consider ahead of time, including how to prepare for your procedure and understanding plastic surgery confidentiality.

Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Depending on the type of procedure you are undergoing, there are various planning steps you should take. There are some general steps all patients should take during the planning process for all plastic surgery procedures. Here are some basic guidelines:

  •  Consult with your plastic surgeon to discuss the different changes that will occur in your body, your goals, and the possible outcomes. The surgeon will also discuss the risks, benefits, and any complications.
  •  You will be asked to sign a consent form during your initial consultation. Signing this form allows surgeons to photograph you before and after the procedure. These photographs act as point of reference and remain within the patients records.
  • In the business office, we will discuss the estimated costs. You will receive a written estimate. Prepayment is often due prior to the date of the surgery, and insurance typically does not cover cosmetic procedures.
  •  You will be asked to come in for examination prior to the procedure, so that we can assess your overall health.

How to Preserve Confidentiality in Plastic Surgery

Medical professionals must store patient documents in a secured location. They may not disclose patient information without consent, and they must produce a copy of their confidentiality agreement prior to conducting procedures. Patients should approach the situation as though they are interviewing prospective interview candidates for an employment situation, and ask about the procedure including how confidentiality is protected.

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