DR. EPSTEIN’S COMPREHENSIVE Breast Augmentation Guide

Anesthesia – General, Sedation or Local?

Changing From Saline To Silicone Gel Filled Implants

Many women have saline implants. For many years, there was no available alternative in the United States. Compared to silicone gel filled implants, saline implants are much firmer, and more likely to have palpable and sometimes visible rippling. You can read more about the differences between these implants here. If you are interested in having breasts that are softer, look and feel more natural, then an implant exchange from saline to silicone gel may be an option to consider. Sometimes a size change as well is indicated, which should not be a problem. With today’s options in silicone gel implants, an implant that best fits the tissue and contour characteristics of your breasts is easily attainable.

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