DR. EPSTEIN’S COMPREHENSIVE Breast Augmentation Guide

Anesthesia – General, Sedation or Local?

What Would I Like My Recovery To Be Like?

This sounds like a crazy question. Of course, you want a fast recovery with little discomfort and hassle. But this is not how it usually is with breast augmentation. Traditionally, recovery from breast augmentation is fraught with pain, narcotics, downtime, loss of time from work and life in general. Add to that a substantial rate of surgical revision in the subsequent three years. It does not have to be this way! I will reveal the way I approach breast augmentation and how my patients recover consistently in one day or less, with no need for narcotics and an extremely low surgical revision rate since 2004!

The next chapter discusses One Day Recovery Breast AugmentationAnd yes, it is very much for real!

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