DR. EPSTEIN’S COMPREHENSIVE Breast Augmentation Guide

Anesthesia – General, Sedation or Local?

Instructions Before & After Surgery

It is important to have comprehensive instructions both before and after surgery, so as to make certain that your surgical experience is as smooth as possible. This, coupled with a detailed knowledge of what to expect during the healing phase after surgery, is essential to alleviate anxieties and educate you as to what is within the realm of normal, as well as what is not.

Our “Breast Instruction Book” that you will receive prior to your surgery is very comprehensive and will serve you well as your guide throughout the entire patient experience. We are always looking for feedback from our patients so as to make this booklet of information as complete as possible. In our opinion, our informational materials including this booklet, this comprehensive website guide and printed literature are never finished; we are always looking to improve them. So please feel free to help us do so!

It is important to state at the outset, these instructions are designed by me for my patients based upon the way I perform the surgery. I am always happy to share knowledge, and that is the purpose of this website. However, each surgeon creates their own set of instructions, both before and after surgery so as to maximize the aesthetic result as well as making the entire patient experience as safe as possible. Therefore, it is important that if you have your surgery by a surgeon other than myself, you should follow your surgeons instructions implicitly. In fact, following the instructions I give my patients but having your surgery done by another surgeon using another technique can potentially cause you harm. Always follow the guidelines of your surgeon!

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