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One-Day Recovery Vs. Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation


Benefits of One-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation on Long Island

  • 97% of patients require nothing stronger than ibuprofen (Advil) for discomfort after surgery* NO NARCOTICS ARE REQUIRED AFTER SURGERY
  • 98% of patients enjoy returning to nearly all activities of daily living, except strenuous exercise, by the next day after surgery*
  • Nearly all patients can raise their hands high above their heads before leaving the surgical recovery room**

*Based on 2008 through 2012 patient survey data. **Direct observations of patients in the recovery room One-Day Breast Augmentation Surgery” is Dr. Epstein’s name for a technique based upon the pioneering work of John Tebbetts, M.D. Dr. Tebbetts was the first to describe a technique of breast augmentation with a recovery time of 24 hours and features dramatically less post-operative discomfort, blood loss, and downtime. Dr. Tebbetts personally taught Dr. Epstein this technique in 2004. I designed special instrumentation for the surgery (Epstein Breast Retractors). There is a direct correlation between the One-Day Breast Augmentation Recovery technique and the lowest rates for future re-operation (revision) – as of this writing, my 3-year re-operation rate is about 2%. (The national average in the FDA silicone implant premarket approval studies (Allergan, Mentor) is approximately 15-40%) There will be a very high likelihood that you will feel good enough to go out to dinner, shopping, movies, etc the same day as your surgery.

What to expect for the One-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation Recovery process

After breast augmentation surgery, the only dressing given is a Dermabond™. Dermabond is a surgical glue applied to the surgical wound under each breast. You will NOT have any of the following:

  • Drains
  • Pain pumps
  • Bandages
  • Instillation of long-acting local anesthetics into the breast pocket or all around the breast
  • Binders
  • Special bras
  • Narcotic strength pain medications
  • Oral muscle relaxant medications
  • Anti-anxiety or sedative medications
  • Limitation of normal activities from the evening of surgery (aerobic activities excluded)
  • Limitation of normal sexual activity from the evening of surgery
  • Intercostal nerve blocks (injections between the ribs to reduce pain)

So what can I expect to be able to do after surgery?

  • Day of Surgery
  • Put your arms up high above your head
  • Shower
  • Lift up to 25 pounds
  • Go out to dinner
  • Go shopping
  • Engage in sexual activity (nothing too strenuous – use common sense!
  • Day After Surgery
  • Walk on treadmill (no running!)
  • Drive
  • Two Weeks After Surgery
  • Begin aerobic exercise
  • Three Weeks After Surgery
  • No limitations – can resume the gym. Start slowly if you lift heavy weights

What’s the difference between One-Day Recovery and “Rapid Recovery” Breast Augmentation?

The surgeon can provide you copies of scientific studies that support the relationship between One-Day recovery and the lowest chance of requiring a re-operation later. Surgeon does not discuss nor provide you with any evidence of the “Rapid Recovery” technique offering a lower chance of future reoperation
Surgeon and staff reinforce the benefits of the One-Day Recovery technique in improving your surgical outcome and reducing the chance of needing future surgery. Surgeon or staff try to downplay the One-Day recovery or tell you that there is no difference in outcome and re-operation rate between “One-Day recovery” and “Rapid Recovery”
Surgeon and staff are supportive that there is a very high likelihood that you will be able to go out shopping, to dinner or visit friends the same day as your surgery Surgeon and staff are not enthusiastic that you will be able to go out shopping, to dinner or visit friends the same day as your surgery.
Surgeon maintains a comprehensive web site with a substantial amount of useful information regarding the art and science of breast augmentation. Surgeon’s web site is more like a billboard bespeaking about how special the surgeon is and what television and radio shows he is featured on. The website contains little useful informational content.
The website contains photographic case studies with high-quality photographs demonstrating before and after results from three to five standardized positions The website contains a photo gallery of small images, incorrectly exposed, limited viewing angles and of overall poor quality.
Surgeon and staff use the term “One-Day recovery”, not “rapid recovery.” Surgeon and staff use the term “rapid recovery” and avoid directly answering questions about how long your recovery will be.
Surgeon and staff give you actual percentages of patients that achieve a recovery in 24 hours. Has data available to support recovery claims. Surgeon and staff hesitate or avoid directly answering questions about percentages of patients that achieve 24-hour recovery; provide little or no evidence to support their recovery claims.
The surgeon is willing to show you patient surveys documenting individual patients recovery experience (names not shown for HIPAA compliance) The surgeon provides patient testimonials (written or video), but does have any actual patient recovery data.
You know before surgery that you will not need and will not receive narcotic medications Surgeon or staff may claim that you will need “minimal pain medication” but they provide you with narcotic medication, either advising you that you will need it, or that it is there “just in case you need it”
The surgeon or staff provide information and postoperative recovery instructions prior to surgery to detail the recovery process. Again it is emphasized that you will not need narcotic medication. The surgeon rarely provides detailed information about recovery.
Surgeon never uses drains for first time augmentations. The surgeon either uses drains or indicates that drains may be needed for a first-time augmentation. Drains are necessary only if more bleeding or damage occurred during surgery.

Consultation For One-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation on Long Island

Dr. Epstein will let you know before surgery that prescription pain killers are not needed after surgery and you are advised about the quick recovery. Breast implant size will be determined by precise measurements of your breasts coupled with a detailed assessment of your breast tissues. Contact us today to get started.

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