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Will I need a breast lift (Mastopexy)?

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Adding A Breast Lift Later

Implants don’t change with time. Unfortunately, breast tissue does. As we age, the effects of gravity combined with the loss of collagen and dermal support of the skin, softening of the breast fat and loss of firmness of the glandular component of the breast results in overall sagging of the breast with loss of firmness. Now, couple this with some weight gain, which results in an increase in breast tissue now sitting in front of the implant. This results in sagging of the breast in front of the implant, called a “waterfall deformity” and a breast lift is now needed. To achieve ideal breast aesthetics, it may also be worthwhile to replace with a larger or smaller sized implant. Maybe several years have passed and there are better types of silicone gel implants available now that better suit your breast tissues. All these concerns can be addressed in a single surgical procedure! A mastopexy is associated with surprisingly little post-operative discomfort in most cases. Sometimes, Galaflex mesh is also used to provide additional support (like an “internal bra”). Remember, this mesh will dissolve in a couple of years, and be replaced with a layer of new living scar tissue that will provide continued support to your breasts.

To learn whether or not you might need a lift, click here. For more information on breast lifts in general, click here.

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