How do You Decide Which Type of Breast Lift is Right for You?

A breast lift is one of my favorite procedures to perform. It’s challenging both technically and creatively. More importantly, it’s one of those procedures that can literally change not only the appearance of your entire body, but how you feel as well. When you’re more comfortable in your skin, it boosts your self-confidence, transforming how you present yourself to the world. This is why I love what I do. Aesthetic procedures can pack a powerful punch, both inside and out. The key to an exemplary result, which is the only kind I want, is choosing the right procedure for your unique anatomy and needs. When it comes to a breast lift, there are three different techniques. So, how do you decide which type of breast lift is right for you? It always begins with an in-person consultation.

Breast Surgery Consultation
So many women find themselves unhappy with the look of their breasts. Maybe you were born with a less than ideal breast shape. Or, perhaps, your breasts have changed size or shape due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Menopause

All of the above can weaken the skin and tissues of the breast so that your nipple areolar complex is no longer centered on your breast mound. If your nipple rests at or below the inframammary fold, which is the crease beneath your breast, a breast lift is probably going to be the right procedure for you. During your consultation, this is one of the things that I will be assessing along with:

  • Skin tone & texture
  • Areas of excess volume, if any
  • Upper pole fullness

My goal is to create a more youthful, lifted and perky looking breast that will stand the test of time.

Why Do You Need a Breast Lift?
Think of your breast as a bag (skin) that is filled with breast tissue (fat and glandular tissue). A breast lift is typically my procedure of choice when there is either an excess of skin or a shortage of filling, causing the breast to “fall” so that your nipple is too low. To correct this, I have three goals:

  • Remove some of the excess breast skin to form a smaller “bag”
  • Elevate the nipple
  • Reposition the contents of the breast (glandular and fatty tissue) to a higher point on the chest wall

Patients will ask if I do one technique or another. The reality is that I practice all three breast lift techniques. In order for your breasts to look their best, it’s imperative that we select the technique that gives me the greatest ability to achieve the above three goals. Selecting a technique that is not appropriate just because there is less scarring defeats the entire purpose of a breast lift.

Breast Lift Techniques – Doughnut Technique
One of things that I love about patients these days is that, thanks to the internet, they tend to be pretty well educated on the ins and outs of a procedure before coming in to see me. The downside is that a patient will always want the procedure with the smallest incision even if it’s not the right one for achieving her goals. This is particularly true with a breast lift. No one likes the idea of a scar on her breasts. It’s probably the single biggest deterrent for patients when it comes to breast surgery. This is why a new patient will often tell me that she would like a doughnut shaped incision which is one that goes around the areolar. The problem is that this approach only works in patients with small breasts and a mild degree of ptosis (sagging). It mainly repositions the nipple, but does not do much in terms of elevating the breast tissue.

Lollipop and Anchor Technique
The other two breast lift techniques are the:

  • Lollipop incision
  • Anchor incision

The lollipop incision, which extends the doughnut incision vertically down the breast, is better for those patients with a more moderate degree of ptosis. And the anchor incision, which adds a horizontal incision in the breast crease to create an upside down anchor, is best for those with more severe ptosis. Each of the three techniques is best thought of as an extension of the one before it. This is especially true with the lollipop and anchor incisions.

As mentioned, my job is to create a beautiful shape to your breasts. It makes no sense to choose a technique with a smaller scar if it’s not going to deliver what you need. Furthermore, scars on the breast heal extremely well. I can honestly say that my breast lift patients invariably tell me that they barely notice any scar because they are just so happy with how fabulous their breasts look.

To find out more about a Breast Lift with Dr. Mark Epstein in Hauppauge, Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation.

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