4 Critical Clinical Decisions in Planning your Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation in long island ny | Dr. Mark Epstein There is so much to consider when you first start researching breast implants it can get overwhelming very fast!  So don’t let it!  Knowledge is power – understand your options and choices going into your consultations!  Here’s a quick start guide to the four basic clinical decisions you will have to make with your plastic surgeon:

  1. How to Determine Breast Implant Size – You will run across many different methods as you consult surgeons but most will be very subjective and make you feel all warm and fuzzy but will not be very accurate.  For example, you will tell a surgeon you want to be a “Full C” – sounds good while you are in the office, but once you leave, you will start second guessing yourself and wonder if the surgeon really understood what you meant by that!  Epstein will use a system of measurements as well as 3-D imaging to help determine the perfect size for you and your breasts!
  2. Which Breast Implant to use – ok, are you ready for this?  You need to know the difference between round vs shaped, textured vs smooth, saline vs silicone and my favorite, Extra High, High, Moderate, Moderate plus and Low profile implants.  You also need to know the differences between the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.  Epstein will guide you through all the options and choices in breast implants to determine the best breast implant for your tissues.
  3. Over vs Under vs Dual Plane – Learning about pocket location, or over vs under, can be confusing since under doesn’t really mean under! Whether you need additional soft tissue coverage (under) goes back to measurements.  If you have less than 2 cm worth of pinch thickness in the upper portion of the breast then we need to put more of you over the implant.  During your consultation, Dr. Epstein will measure and evaluate your tissues to help you determine which pocket location is best for you.
  4. Incision Location – The most common incision locations are inframammary, axillary and periareolar. Each incision location for breast implants has its own set of pros and cons.  And today, breast implant selection may affect which incision you can use.  Careful evaluation of your tissue and the type of implant will guide you and Dr. Epstein to the perfect choice for you!  All incision locations never have stitches to be removed and never require bulky bandages.

Researching these four decisions and understanding your options will make a world of difference in your consultations with surgeons!  Remember, your consult will only be as good as your questions!!  Use Dr. Epstein’s educational material on breast augmentation to help guide your research.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Epstein please contact our Stony Brook office at 631-689-1100, or request information here.


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