One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation – A Real Recovery Experience

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When something seems too good to be true, it usually is, right?  That is exactly what Dr. Epstein’s patient, Jennifer, thought when she heard about One Day Breast Augmentation Recovery as she was researching the procedure and plastic surgeons.  Everyone she encountered – surgeons and friends – said that the rapid, quick, one day recovery from breast augmentation simply could not be done and that it must just be some marketing gimmick.  Thank goodness, Jennifer decided to see for herself and here’s what she has to say about her experience.

“I am a mother of 3 very active, busy kids and I work full time – there is no way I had time to take two weeks off to do this!”, said Jennifer.  This is a comment I hear all the time!  It is hard enough to decide to have breast implant surgery, to treat yourself, but almost impossible to do so if you know that you have to impose on those around you for two weeks.  And who wants to “treat” themselves to two weeks of pain and agony?  As Jennifer sat in Dr. Epstein’s lobby waiting for her appointment she said part of her was definitely skeptical but that she was also hopeful.  As she waited for her consult time, she met a patient of Dr. Epstein’s who had just had BA surgery and they began to talk.  Everything she had heard about One Day Breast Augmentation Recovery was exactly what this lady had experienced!  She was so happy to share her story with Jennifer and all of the sudden the “marketing gimmick” became reality!

Jennifer raved about her experience in consult with Dr. Epstein mostly because she felt, from the beginning, that his concern was for her health and the preservation of her tissue, not just to sign up another surgery.  Deciding size was a big deal to Jennifer and she was very impressed with the clinical measurements and 3D imaging that Dr. Epstein went through with her – all along helping her understand her options and her choices as well as the risks involved in having breast augmentation.

She was just as thrilled with her over all surgical experience and….her recovery!  She said she followed the post op instructions to the letter and the afternoon of surgery was lifting her arms above her head, showering and doing her hair and taking care of her children!  She said her recent root canal was 100 times worse that her BA surgery!  Moving and resuming normal activity was the ticket to feeling fabulous so fast.  Jennifer said she never took any pain medicine and was thrilled with her result right away!

So if it sounds too good to be true, should we be skeptical?  Absolutely!  But a better recovery in breast augmentation surgery exists and Dr. Mark Epstein can provide it for you consistently!  The moral of this story is do your homework and your research before you decide that something is too good to be true or you just might miss out on the latest and greatest advances in breast augmentation recovery to come down the pike in years!  Jennifer is one year post op now and loves her new additions just as much today as she did the day of surgery!


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