One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation is Not a Gimmick

I have performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures. It is one of my specialties, and also one of my passions. I still get a thrill when I see a patient for her first post-operative visit the day after surgery, and she has a huge smile on her face because I’ve helped her achieve the body of her dreams. While I love playing a part in a patient’s journey towards the best version of themselves, I am adamant about doing so in the gentlest way possible. This is why I offer my Long Island and beyond patients the One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation

In my decade of post-medical school residency, I worked with many brilliant surgeons, not one of whom ever discussed the correlation between how a surgeon handles the breast tissue and post-operative pain. Most surgeons believe that pain is the price of surgery. This is simply not true. When the tissues of the breast are handled in as gentle a manner as possible, it translates to significantly less post-operative pain. This is why it is a pillar of my practice philosophy in all of my surgical procedures including the One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation.

One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation = Less Trauma to Tissues

I would like to take full credit for the One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation. But though I’ve added my own advancements, this procedure was invented by Dr. John Tebbetts. I heard him give a lecture in 2002 on a new way to perform breast augmentation surgery where the patient could go dinner the night of surgery, and be back to her regular routine within 24 hours. I was so blown away by this possibility that I flew to Dallas to study with him, and learn this cutting-edge technique. 

What makes the One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation different is that I use electrocautery dissection which cauterizes the blood vessels before cutting. This results in:

  • basically no bleeding
  • minimal bruising and swelling
  • faster recovery
  • less risk of post-operative complications

I further refined Dr. Tebbetts’s procedure by creating my own retractors, the Epstein Breast Retractor and the Epstein Sub-Muscular Retractor.  They allow me to gently lift your breast tissues without pulling. The end result is radically less trauma to your breast tissues. And less trauma to the tissues delivers a much faster recovery.

Less Trauma to Tissues = Faster Recovery

One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. I have the statistics to prove it. 100% of my One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation patients raise their arms over their heads before they leave our surgical facility. 98% of them are able to return to their daily activities, except for strenuous exercise, 24 hours after surgery. And 97% do so without any narcotic pain medication. 

Narcotic pain medications have their place. But they also slow down recovery, making some patients feel nauseous and constipated. Furthermore, we’ve all read about the opioid crisis in this country. This is why I do everything in my power to limit the amount of narcotics that a patient will need. With a One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation, you won’t have to take anything stronger than an Advil because less trauma to the tissues means less bruising and swelling. This translates to considerably less post-operative pain. Furthermore, you can shower when you get home from surgery, go out to dinner that night and be back to driving carpool the next day. It is honestly that easy. 

To find out more about the One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation with Dr. Mark Epstein in Long Island, contact us today or call 631-689-1100 to schedule a consultation. 

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