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How To Select The Best Breast Implant For Your Breasts

How To Select the Best Breast Implant

There really is no single breast implant that is “the best.” The title of this section should really be “How to select the breast implant this is most optimal for you,” as there can be more than one good choice. Let’s look at the different currently available implant types and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

This section reviews the rationale for proper implant selection, how to maintain a “natural” look, utilizing scientifically proven methods in implant selection and how 3D imaging and computerized simulation aid in the consultation process and implant selection.

Choosing The Right Breast Implant

So which is best for you? That is a matter of personal preference. Is shape more important than feel (softness), or is it the other way around? That isn’t to say that you totally sacrifice one for the other, you can get great shape and feel with any of the silicone gel implants, but in order to optimize one, you may need to give way on the other. Feel the difference in the implants. The more natural tissue that you have to start with, the less you will be able to perceive the difference in firmness when the implant is inside your breast. A breast with more tissue to start with may also mitigate the ability to see the difference in shape as well. When I say shape, I am speaking of not only round versus teardrop, but also round versus round where one implant is soft and the silicone gel tends to settle to the bottom of the implant shell (bag), leaving the upper breast less full, versus a firmer round implant with more upper breast fullness and less fullness at the bottom. Don’t get yourself crazy here. As an experienced breast implant surgeon, I will listen to your desires and help you better navigate through all the options to find the implant that best suits your needs and goals to produce breasts that look and feel as you desire that they should.

Generally speaking, for a woman with small breasts with tight tissues, I believe that any of the available choices in round smooth implants will yield a very nice, natural result. However, if your breast is lax, with less natural upper breast fullness, one of the firmer implants may be a better choice to preserve upper breast fullness and reduce palpability of the implant. In this case, you are sacrificing some softness for a little more shape control. Again, you can use any silicone gel you like, but I am trying to give suggestions based upon extensive experience so as to allow you to achieve the optimal result for your goals and desires.

Think about what it is that is important to you. Is softness most important? Is shape most important? Do you like a full, rounded upper breast or do you like a more natural sloping breast with some fullness in the lower portion of the breast. When considering softness and shape, selecting one does not mean you cannot have the other. It is very helpful during the consultation if you can express to me your desires and goals for the breast that most pleases you. I will then take those factors into account when I am making a recommendation for your surgery.

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