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Who Manufactures Breast Implants?

Currently, there are three manufacturers of silicone gel filled breast implants that are FDA cleared for use in the United States. They are Allergan, Mentor and Sientra. First, I would like to state that all of them are excellent devices. I have used implants from Allergan and Mentor, but not Sientra. Sientra is the “newcomer” on the block – Allergan and Mentor’s devices have been on the market a lot longer.

Below is a list depicting which silicone gels each manufacturer produces:

  • Allergan: Responsive gel (Responsive implant), TruForm-2™ gel (Soft-Touch implant), TruForm-3™ gel (Highly Cohesive implant)
  • Mentor: Cohesive-1™ (Memory gel implant)
  • Sientra: HSC gel (Luxe™ implant), HSC+ gel (Luxe™ implant)

What I like about Allergan and why I use them are the following:

  • The only manufacturer to offer three different choices in gel, from the softest to the firmest and one in-between
  • The most choices in implant size and profiles
  • They license their technology to other implant manufacturers
  • Barrier shield™ is used on entire implant and the patch
  • They have always given outstanding customer service and they stand behind their products

As stated before, all three manufacturers of silicone gel implants have great products. The surgeon should use the ones he/she feels most comfortable with. I am not recommending selecting a surgeon based upon which brand implant they use. The material above is provided for information purposes only.

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